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Branded Content

 ELNAL (Safari Collection) Directed By J.P & Myles Suave story by Zane Suavey 

 ELNAL is a commercial that was made for a luxury brand named SUAVEY, this is a love triangle story reflecting the animal kingdom.

 A2i – The Gifted Web Series (intro) Directed By Zane Suavey 

 Elizabeth Kwarteng-Amaning wanted us to come up with an idea for promotion of her organisation which is bringing awareness to dyslexia. We have  branded it in a way that people will not perceive dyslexia as a disability or as something to hide. It’s preferred to be a synonym for the word “Gifted”. Now  people can embrace this gift and they will now feel more confident, also being more open to seek help. This is so they can tap into a higher progression of  their business, career or life at home with their families.


 Through our consultation we were able to develop a series called “The Gifted” In this series we film and explore different individuals who have dyslexia. All  who are doing inspirational things with their life that being Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Artist and more.